Awakening to a Past that still holds Hope.

Some call the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution racist and a product of slave holders.  Even so one finds that they contain the seeds for future improvement  They offered such hope, when they were written.  There were people then who recognized that reality and wrote of it.  Even the American Revolution was promoted by some who were Christians, believers in Sovereign Grace,  and  such believed that freedom from slavery was involved.  Samuel Adams was one of those revolutionary leaders.  Eventually, as we all know, the Christian Faith provided the enlightenment which enabled the West to abolish slavery.  In Great Britain they did it peacefully by abolition.  In America they did it by a war that result in over 600,000 deaths and the devastation of nearly half of the nation.  It took nearly a hundred years for the South to recover from its fascination with slavery, and it took nearly a hundred years for the effort to really get rolling that ended segregation.  Prejudice is still present, but it is difficulty, to say the least, to speak of White Grandparents’ Black Grandchildren in a negative sense.  Especially is this so, when they are your neighbors in community and church.

We still have the remains of that evil.  Daily we still struggle with such aberration in humanity which has been justified by so many in the past – even by those who have cited the Bible in justification.  It seems never to have occurred to them to read the literature left by the Christian Abolitionists in the period from 1750-1860.  Elitism is justified by many who read the idea of obeying those in authority over us without considering that the Bible also makes a case for not obeying such, when the officials are wrong.

We also have those who want to impose their views regarding eschatology or salvation on everyone else, never considering that the Bible calls for religious liberty and persuasion as the only means to true conversions.  Having had some difficulties in health recently, I must cease and, hopefully, return again soon to these issues. Deo Volente!


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