Americans, for all of their illustrious past, have little sense of their history.  The subject is often presented in a boring manner in the schools, and the students are ill-prepared for a subject that requires concentrated study and reflection.  And because such is the case, the people are easily duped.  Consider how one African American High School Student stood up to a misrepresentation that none of his fellow students caught.   The lesson was on the Pilgrims, and the text and the teacher, apparently, declared that the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians for their meal.  While it is likely that they thanked them for their contributions to the thanksgiving feast, the student caught the fabrication (what was cover for what was being left out).  He stood up and said: “I know that’s a lie! They gave thanks to the Lord!”

Right now the judicial system is promoting the biggest lie of all, along with the executive branch, and the legislative branch is going along with deception, that is, “the wall of separation between State and Church.”  Using a quotation from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist Association, one having to do with keeping the government from interfering with religious freedom or threatening the church, the government is moving against religious liberty, driven, in part, part by the big corporations of America.  The ACLU has been using threats of lawsuits to drive the church from the public arena, threatening local town councils and other governmental organizations with legal action, if they have a minister speak or pray at the opening of their sessions. Such actions are the forerunners of tyranny, a change in our whole society and government which will lead to the abyss of mass exterminations (cf. the Georgia Guidestones), and the end of civilization as we know it.  Behind the scenes are the those who pull the puppet strings, and their aims are inimical even to the puppets, people, and even the string pullers themselves. 

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in 1892 that this is a Christian nation.  All they meant by that statement is that the laws of this nation were founded upon Christian teachings and, more specifically, the Bible.  It is from this milieu that religious liberty came.  In fact, the first implementation of religious liberty in precept and practice in the New World occurred in the colony of Rhode Island, the work of Roger Williams and Dr. John Clarke, both Baptists in their sentiments (and saying Williams was a Seeker will not dismiss the fact that he stated in his works that he still held to his Baptist views near the end of his life.  What he sought was someone with the authority to baptize).  In any case, they succeeded in establishing religious liberty in that colony, and the first synagogue in the New World was built in Rhode Island.  It is still in use according to the last account I had of the matter.

God calls on His people to remember, and how will they do so without keeping records?  Well, there are records, but who studies them.  I began taking notes in church history, specifically with reference to the Baptists in 1963 and continued to do so for six years.  That research helped to earn a Master’s in American Social and Intellectual History, and, if I had been able to return, it would have helped me to earn a Ph.D. from an Ivy League University, a Ph.D. in Black History, no less.

What is really crucial, however, is the fact that the theology and the experiences of the First and Second Great Awakenings and the launching of the Great Century of Missions exist to be mined for the very purpose of praying for and seeking after another Great Awakening, one that will reach every soul on earth in one generation and continue to do so for a 1000 generations and reach from one end of the starry heaven to the other, all to guarantee that there will be enough of the redeemed in heaven to meet the innumerable number called for in Rev.7:9.  What we need now are some devoted Bible believers willing to pay the price and do the research that is basic to such a resurgence.  Personal, national, and ecclesiastical history are all a part of the process.  Are you willing to pay the price of such an effort as well as keeping up a worshipful service and evangelistic effort at the same time?




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